About US

We at BEERSIDE are working day by day on meeting our costumers' needs of premium quality beer. That's why we offer a wide range of products and different services for them. Our goal is to make the world's finest craft beers available to aeach and every consumer. To achieve this we keep on hunting for craft breweries that are known worldwide but unavailable or 'hard-to-reach' on the Hungarian market.

Our webshop was launched in February 2017, in the beginning only with three breweries (Pöhjala, TO OL és Mikkeller), but today we have a wide range of beers in stock, such as Dugges, Omnipollo or Tempest.  Nowadays we are distributing more then 200 type of beers from over 30 breweries. And this is just the beginning. Beside our webshop we are operating a wholesale business that makes possible for our costumers to consume these awesome beers at restaurants and beer bars.

Az oldalon különleges, kézműves söröket forgalmazunk a világ minden tájáról. Skót, dán, holland, amerikai, észt és skót főzdék különlegességei egy helyen.
Rendeld meg ma és holnap már kóstolhatod!